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The wooden toy shield has a majestic pink unicorn printed on the front. The wooden shield has a wide, cotton strap at the back to make it easy to hold. It makes a magnificent present of gifts with unicorns.


The complimentary, wooden toy sword has a mythical dragon cut out at the top of the handle. The handle is strapped with a pink faux leather strap making it comfortable to hold.


The toy sword and shield combination makes it fun and feels good to play with.

Ladys Unicorn toy sword and shield

£16.50 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • Details

    Fun Factor: Tomboys and great fun in imaginary worlds
       wooden shield: 35 x 26 cm,
       wooden sword: 60 cm
       toy shield: 0.260 kg,
       toy sword: 0.265 kg
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3+