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A Lion wooden toy shield and a Lion wooden toy sword to match. This pair of wooden toy sword and shield should be worn proudly by their bearers.


The wooden swords handle is wonderfully cut with a profile of a lion with its mane. The toy wooden sword glides into into its wooden sheath giving it an extra knight weapon kind of touch. The sheath also has a belt loop so you can attach it to your belt keeping your medieval sword close by at all times.


The wooden shield is painted in white with a royal blue lion printed on it. The toy shield is made of plywood and has a cotton strap at the back. It has been designed this way to keep it light and easy to carry. It is a great swords sword to play with.

Wooden Lion toy sword and shield

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  • Details

    Fun Factor: feel the bravey of the lion and  create a great day of swashbuckling with this  beautiful toy sword and shield set
    Dimensions: toy sword: 45 cm, toy shield: 35 cm
    Weight: together:  625 g
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3 +