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This wooden bow and arrow toy has a cotton elasticated string to propel the toy arrow a few metres away from you. The childs bow and arrow is made to have fun with and the energy of the arrow will not hurt. The toy archery set comes with two arrows that have rounded corks on its ends. The Bow has a hole placed in its centre which helps keep the arrow in line.


The shooting target is printed on thicker, stronger paper which is great for many sessions.


The age rating is 14+ because the arrow is made of a wooden stick and not of flexible foam. If the arrow was a flexible foam, the toy crossbow would be classified as suitable for children 5 years +.


Special offer, buy the wooden bow and arrows and get the target for 50p. 

Wooden Bow and arrow with shooting target (black or pink)

  • Details

    Fun factor: its an easy to use archery set and you can enjoy perfecting your aim on toy soldiers and various objects.
         wooden bow: 80cm long
         paper target : 80 cm diameter
    Made in: Poland
    Weight: wooden bow and arrow: 200g
    Age: 14 years +

  • Shipping

    Because of its length, the Bow and arrow takes 3-5 days to deliver.