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The numbers are beautifully carved out of solid natural wood. The numbers vary in size depending on where the number is on the number line. The higher the number is, the bigger the number is in size. This box, from this toy kingdom, has a large set of 100 solid hard beech wood SumBlox and 4 Supplemental Math Curriculum lesson books.


The Educational Set of 100-wooden math blocks is designed for one child or small groups of children. To allow them to explore concepts such as multiplication, division and fractions. The books are developed to assist parents/teachers/guardians and guide kids to enjoy games that will further develop their math skills and enhance their interactions with the blocks.


he set also includes 4 teaching manuals for teaching various concepts from addition to fractions.

Sumblox Educational set

  • Details

    Fun Factor: numbers carved lovelying in wood, helps in counting, proportion and counting. It has an additional set to help learn fractions.
    Dimension:  30 x single blocks, 12 x two blocks, 8 x each of blocks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 2 x ten blocks.
    Weight: 9.5 kg (box)
    Age: 18mths +

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