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These 3 items feature a lot in the Robin Hood film and fits well in with Robin Hoods costume. This is great for a fun open afternoons.


The Robin Hood hat is a beautiful forest green felt. It has gorgeous brown feather sitting snug in the fold of the hat.


The Bow and arrow for kids is 80cm tall and comes with three arrows. The Bow is reinforced in the middle to make it easy to pull the elastic back. It also has a perfect hole so you can feed the arrow through. The hole helps little ones to aim the arrow. The archery set comes with 3 arrows with cylindrical corks at the end. The furthest the bow and arrows can shoot is about 5 m. So strong enough but too strong.


The shooting target is printed on strong, showerproof paper. The target to shoot at is 80cm in diameter. So a good sized bow target for any archer.

Robin Hood Bow and Forest hat

  • Details

    Fun factor:  Enjoy the Robin Hood hat and accessories for a fun afternoon.
    Dimensions: Bow and arrows: 97 cm, Archer target: 80cm, Robin Hood Hat: 41 cm
    Weight: Archer set: 200g, Shooting target: 100g , Hat: 5g
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3 years +