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Rainbow colours and objects board game for 3 year olds is a fun game where everyone can envolved.  The underlying theme is about recognising the pictures on the tokens, or matching the colours or creating a memory game with them. It indirectly teaches the youngest children to recognise and name colours of the rainbow while having a lot of fun.


Flip the board over and it becomes a matching game. It can be adapted into a variety of games  for learning and also creates conversation. The game changes as your child develops. Its a great game, games for the brain.


The dice with a colour on each side indicates which picture needs to be selected (or found from an overturned token). Granna have created many variations to this board game for kids.

Rainbow Colours and Objects board game

  • Details

    Number of Players: 1 - 6 players
    Length of Game: 10 minutes
    Weight: 504 g
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3+

    Fun Factor: learn to recognize and name colors, helps to train memory and concentration. Its a fun memory game or matching game for 3 year olds and older.