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This is a lovely wooden board games for kids. The good board game is about forming quesitons using different tenses. See how how many questions you can put together in 10 minutes! For each correct string you get a token.  The tiles in this games is a family games to to play at home can also be used to create simple sentences making it a great games for the brain or simply board games for learning.


The manufacturer has suggested this good board game is for children from 10 years however, in England, where English is your first language, this can be a board games 4 year olds and upwards.



100 wooden tiles

50 wooden tokens


Questions board game

  • Details

    Fun factor: Create sentences, beat the clock, domino pieces, a great games for the brain
    Dimension: box: 32 x 25 x 4 cm
    Made in: Poland
    Weight: 368g
    Age: 10+ years (the bard games for learning can be from 4 years+)