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The Noble Tabard set is made of the Noble wooden sword and a cotton medieval tabard.


The toy sword is made of solid wood and has a decorative handle that gives it that extra medieval weapon look. The handle of the wooden toy sword is wrapped in a royal blue cotton cord. 


The cotton tabard has an image of a tabard knight holding a lance on a horse. The image is created with organic paint. The medieval surcoat is versatile as it has elasticated sides and the length is great for children from 3 to 10 years old. Its a great combination for jousting.

Noble Surcoat

£12.50 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
  • Details

    Fun factor: feel like the medieval knight with the wooden toy sword and proud medieval surcoat
    Dimensionstoy sword: 49 x 15.5 x 2 cm
       knights tabard:  55 x 40 cm
    Weight: wooden sword: 220g surcoat:  260g
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3 +