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The Medieval helmet together with the knights tabard and handy slingshot is a lovely set for every knight in the making.


The knights helmet style is called Sallet helmet. It is a toy helmet made in plastic in Poland. The medeival armour for your head has a texture that it feels like it has come from the blacksmith and is odourless.


The surcoat or medieval tabard is made of cotton and faux leather decorative pieces. The sides of the medieval surcoat is held together with elastics. It is a great accompliment to every jousting occasion.


The catapult slingshot is made of solid wood, elastic band and a faux leather cradle.  It is a mini catapult that you can easily handle and enjoy. The slingshot toy is safe to use in the form it arrives in and the slingshot catapult is to be used only on innamimate objects.

Medieval helmet, Surcoat and slingshot

  • Details

    Fun Factor: Line up your tin cans with your medieval helmet, surcoat and slingshot ready. Great for hand-eye coordination and firing up the imagination
    Dimensions: knights helmet: 35 cm, knights tabard: 55cm, mini catapult: 21 cm
    Weight: together 530g
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3 years+