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Hooop Board Game


The Hoop Game by Granna is a board game of strategy. You need to hop 3 frogs from side of the board to the other side but only where there are bridges. Once you have hopped, a bridge is taken away. Its easy to go the quickest route with the first frog but what about the others? How will they jump if there is no bridge and also how has your opponent mapped his route? Where has he left bridges to hop over? Its about thinking ahead - planning a route for your frogs and trying to second guess what your opponent might do. Hurry! Hop! Hop! Jump!
  • Details

    Number of Players: 2 - 4 players
    Length of Game: 20 minutes
    Weight: 0.725 kg ¦ 1.598 lbs
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 7+

    Fun Factor: strategy, planning, second guessing your opponent