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The wooden toy - Lacing Shoe is a roller skate with cleverly placed holes to play with.  The rollerskate can be pushed around like a car which makes a great toy for a 1 year old. 


Another way to have fun with the wheeled toy is to lace up the front (with reinforced tips). Children can practice threading and tying bows with the shoelace. The remaining part of the wooden toy has many holes to thread a second shoelace through.


The second shoelace has a wooden rounded needle like nib to aide the shoelace through the holes. Games are created to make different patterns with the shoelace on the shoe which makes it a great toy for 2 year olds. This activity helps coordinating their hand-eye movements which helps in preparation for writing.


Another beautifully crafted toy by Bajo wooden toys for 1 year old and older.

Lacing Shoe

  • Details

    Fun Factor: preparation for school, hand-eye coordination, writing.
    Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 15 cm 
    Weight: 0.350 kg 
    Made in: Poland
    Age: 3+

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