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A fun talking wooden board game for kids that changes each time you play it. The great baord games encourages players to talk about various topics while getting to the finish line. The family board game to play at home is built using wooden tiles to create the board. The board game  develops your english vocabulary and encourages using different tenses. It also creates a medium to chat and enjoy being together. Its a wonderful games for the brain as well as board games for learning.


This great board games is labelled for children 10 years + but in England where English is the first language, it should be suitable from 4 years plus.



Wooden board 32 x 24 cm

6 colourful pawns
68 wooden tiles


Talking board game

  • Details

    Fun factor: Chatter to each other about topics on the board games for learning, the board is different each time you play, reinforce language
    Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 1 cm
    Made in: Poland
    Weight:  368g
    Age: 10 years+ (but can be board games 4 year olds and up)