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What wooden toys are best?

There are so many wooden toys out there, how do you know what wooden toys are best for your little darling? There is the question of how diverse the selection should be, which wooden toys are popular and which ones to buy?

Which wooden toys to buy?

We have done a bit of research and broken down the information mostly suggested by the UK National Toy Council. Here are the top ten tips for parents when deciding what wooden toys are best.

1. Keep the toy simple and for their age. Choose a toy that your child will cope with. Try and avoid toys that are too complex for their abilities. A rattle is a great wooden baby toy while building blocks are for toddlers.

2. Colour should not reflect which toy you choose. Pink is for boys and blue is for girls, that is perfectly fine. You can also try neutral colours like orange or green or just plain natural wooden toys without any paint.

3. When your child is old enough, let he/she choose their own toy. You will find they will play with them longer. Encourage your child that their choices are also important.

4. Get a few toys that focuses on team playing. This important to support their social skills. Wooden toys that support this are role play toys and small world toys.

5. Solitary play is just as important. Think about models, construction toys or craft kits.

6. Use your imagination with arts and/or get messy with finger paints or mud cakes.

7. Keep your child fit and a healthy with outside toys like a sandpit, push bikes, scooters and skipping ropes.

8. Rotate the toys in your house. Don’t have all the toys out to play with all the time. Change them round every 6-8 weeks to create a new playing scene.

9. From 2 years old you can start playing board games. The games do have a short play time but they great to create a place for adults and little ones to have a common game to play. It encourages turn taking and learning while having fun.

10. Begin reading to children as soon as you can. Looking at books and hearing stories at at an early age help fire up their imagination and natural curiosity.

Be mindful of the kind of toys you buy and from whom you buy them from. Most of the wooden toys on the British market are carefully made and safe to play with. However, in the months after Brexit there might be a few sneaky lines who will try to sell into the market while the UK defines their UK safety rules. Be conscious of finding safe wooden toys.

Children have the most fun and get the most from their toys when they feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. Supportive adults also aid in getting the most out of their toys.

And lastly, sometimes toys are not needed and the game of “lets pretend” is just as good. You can create many games when you think of a game and hunt for the various items to complete the game with different items found around the house.


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