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Holiday activities for kids

Ho Hum... another lockdown and another holiday, except this time round its winter. This holiday needs a bit of additional thought of how to get through it. We have some holiday activities for kids to keep the days interesting and different.

We must remember it is their holiday and children are looking for care free days with just a little structure. Currently, we cannot plan a full day out, we are only allowed out for an hour of exercise, it could just work if we plan just one holiday activity per day and let your kids have some down time the rest of the time.

Yes, it can be done and you can do it, it's all in the planning.

Timing of your holiday activity

Firstly get the timing right, plan one big holiday activity which will fill the day. Fit your children activity in at a good time of the day according to the age of your children.

In our family, these timings have worked and filled the day in a seamless fashion. It is divided into 3 age groups. If you have children that attend:

· Nursery

divide your children activity in 2 parts. Do the first part in the morning and then complete it in the early evening. Do your daily walk before/after lunch.

· Primary school

give your children a good mid-morning snack and start your holiday activity straight after. So it would pan out that your children activity starts at around 11am for 2-3 hours. Pack lunch or more snacks with you if you are heading out.

· Secondary school

they need their sleep! Do not get in their way of holiday sleep. Give them space to do what they would like until lunch time. Do your holiday activity in the afternoon.

This is just a suggestion, your family might have a different way of doing things.

Children Activities for free

The activities will differ by age and what their interests are but here are a few ideas and tweak it for the age and interests your children have.

· Colour in

Use a variety of pens, pencils, crayons etc. to colour in pictures. Below is one of the 4 different mindful pictures you can print off. The others can be found at the bottom of our home page. Let them choose which one they like most.

· ​Make a pizza.

Either hand over the entire recipe for your cherubs to do or let the little ones choose the toppings and arrange them the way they want. Click on the image for the recipe...

​· Plan a walk

Get a map out and let the children choose the route of your next walk. Your starting point doesn't have to be your home. You could ask for the walk to include certain points of interest like a church, open green space or a coffee shop!

(oops! wrong village - I'd love to be there though)

· Build

Do you have any large boxes from deliveries? Keep them! If you have really big boxes, cut out a door/draw bridge and get some poster paint. Let them paint it anyway they like. If you have smaller boxes you can either stick them together to make structures or decorate them as is to make a sock box or a box for other bits and pieces.

​· Among us offline

Set up the game "Among us". Place double the amount of players as card with either imposter or crewmates in a hat. In another hat, place the different tasks each person has to do. From there play the game as on the app.

· Geocache walk

Make your walks fun by joining the worlds largest treasure hunt. Join by downloading the Geocache app and finding a geocache, don't forget your pen!

· Learn to Draw with Rob Biddulph

Draw with a video series "Draw with Rob".

· Make an indoor treasure hunt

Get the children to make a treasure hunt inside the house. Write down a clue to find the next piece of paper with a clue. That clue has a clue to the next! The final prize are a few sweets or lunch!

· Play a board game

We have a game that starts 3 years old and up. Its amazing how the way you play changes when you include a board game.

· Bake a cake

· Go to the Museum!

Yes its now possible ... through your computer. Here are 12 Famous Museum Virtual tours you can take from your kitchen table.

That's just a few ideas. I'll add some more as I think of them.


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