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Wooden toys vs plastic toys

Which toy is better, Wooden toys or plastic toys?

This is a very interesting debate between these two materials used for babies and childrens toys. Plastic can be moulded into anything and into any colour. This gives the toys a great range of diversity. Wood, on the other hand, seems to be limited to 2D shapes and function but with a bit of thought and creativity, wooden toys can have an immense amount of play value.

Why buy wooden toys

Wooden toys are timeless. You can just look at state of a pre-loved plastic toy and then the quality of a wooden toy that has passed from one generation to another. Not only do wooden toys last longer but they are less subject a certain life cycle that trendy toys have.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to get the latest shiny toy that fits the current TV show. Toys are meant to create excitement and to be played with. They can be great fun but usually only lasts for as long as your child is interested in that show.

Why baby wooden toys are better

In general, baby wooden toys are healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. Because wood is a natural material it naturally does not hold onto germs. Natural wood is also much kinder to touch especially for babies. You can read more about are wooden toys are safe.

Plastic toys can contain BPA known to be a hormone disrupter and PVC which can contain known carcinogens. If you opt for a plastic toy, please take care of finding out if these elements can be found in the toy you are buying for your little ones.

This is not saying the all wooden toys are best. They also come with their warning labels. Be careful of cheap toys made from plywood. They can contain harmful chemicals in the glue they use, and not all paints are safe either.

Why buy wooden toys

Wooden toys are simpler and are aimed for open-ended play. By being simple, children fire up their imagination and creative side while playing.

Flashy and noisy plastic toys can run the risk of over-stimulation and may confusion in their natural development.

So! Wooden toys vs plastic toys?

And finally, there is the growing concern about caring for the world we live in. We are all more aware of the problems we need to solve so that our children and their children have a safe world to live in. As a whole, wooden toys cause less waste than plastic toys and they are biodegradable. They are eco-friendly or environmentally friendly toys.

Plastic has its infinite advantages for many household products but I can see no positive notes about plastic toys and their effect to the environment.


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