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Are wooden swords dangerous?

Let us address the elephant in the room, “are wooden swords dangerous?”. This is a question many adults ask. I think we could say if the word sword is in a sentence, it does seem dangerous. But if the object is sanded down to have round edges then I would suppose a toy sword is just as harmful as a broomstick.

Some may think because of its shape, it might promote violence. I would like to say, I have seen many objects used by children that can be just as harmful. For example a wooden spoon or the stick you pick up on a walk while out and about. If your child enjoys swashbuckling about, he/she will find all kinds of objects that will do the same. Why not let them use the correct toy and teach them how to use it properly? This might make your child worldlier and understand empathy by knowing how their actions may affect others.

Can a wooden sword cut?

There are wooden training swords that are purchased for re-enactment events. These are designed to be used by adults. They are larger and are not sanded down to have rounded edges. These wooden swords are handled by adults who practice with wooden replica swords before they use the metal version on the event day. These replica wooden swords can hurt if used incorrectly.

Are wooden sword legal?

Any object that is sharp or pointy is restricted to sale to people over the age of 18 only. We only sell wooden swords that are sanded to have curved sides and very blunt ends. Our toy swords have been tested to European Safety standards to be used as toys. All the wooden toy swords have passed tests for the use of children from 3 years and older.

Are swords dangerous?

There are wooden swords that are used for training and during practice re-enactment events. These swords are used by adults who have trained to use sharp wooden replica swords and can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

We sell wooden replica toy swords to children. Our toy swords are safe to use and have passed rigorous tests for the use of children from 3 years old and older. The swords are toys and are made to be played with. The blunt wooden swords creates a medium for children to use their imagination and create many scenarios which interest them most.

A wooden toy sword is a just that, it is a toy for children to play with. For children to use their imagination and create a new world during play. It is no more harmful than the sword found in Mike the Knight.

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