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Hootlet, Green Owl Toys, BUBU, Puka Stuka, Bajo, Tegu and Sumblox

Green Owl Toys specialises in wooden toys that make beautiful gifts for babies and toddlers. Each baby wooden toy and educational toy is made from natural wood which brings love and warmth to all who hold it. These gorgeous ethically made wooden toys are made in Europe with British standards of quality and design. We’ve enjoyed doing this since 2009.

We are toys hop in  London, you will find myriad toys that are design-led and ones that make a positive impact on our environment. We aim carry only eco-friendly toys as possible by having a policy of plastic-free packaging. Alongside this we ensure we source wood for our ethical toys come from PEFC managed forests.

The brands we hold are :

Hootlet - gorgeous baby wooden toys, 

Green Owl Toys - fun and robust wooden toy shields and swords

BUBU -beautiful wooden baby toys

Stuka Puka - lovely wooden educational toys 

Bajo - wooden toys for 1 year olds

Tegu - wooden toys for 2 year olds

and Sumblox - fun educational toys

Awards given to our quality wooden toys and service
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