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Bajo wooden toys

Bajo wooden toys are hand-crafted toys made in Poland which fits perfectly in with our myriad toys in the toy kingdom of Green Owl Toys.

Bajo Wooden Toys

Beautifully designed and sustainably made, Bajo wooden toys are guaranteed to delight children of all ages, inspiring storytelling and imaginative play.

Developed by Wojciech Bajor in 1993, this Polish-based family company, design and manufacture their quality wooden toys, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains using innovative design with sustainability at its core. By looking at the complete design process they can ensure the most efficient use of energy and raw materials, without compromising on style or fun! 

Their wooden toys only use certified safe non-toxic paints and oils and source sustainable materials from local suppliers like FSC certified wood. Whilst they are no longer handmade, these toy makers know what children with love. From their beautiful and complex puzzles to simple and timeless wooden blocks. They have a wide range of baby toys and teething toys, push toys and pull toys - there is something for every child and baby!

Bajo Wooden Toys and Gruffalo Toys

The beautiful wooden toys they create are used educational purposes in kindergarten and nursery schools around the world in games which stimulate educational development. They do a wide range of building blocks to rocking horses all made in Poland. If you are looking for something different to plastic toys, that don’t set down a ’Ëœgender’ on their toys then check out this brand.

We stock a wide range of the fun wooden toys, including the fun jointed wooden animals, fab for using to make story sacks or just for creative play, and of course their Gruffalo toys! Didn't you know, there is no such thing as a Gruffalo, but there is from Bajo and a beautiful matching mouse!

Why we love Bajo:

  • Ethical wooden toys

  • Non-toxic paints

  • Supporting local communities

  • Sustainable wood - fsc certified