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Wooden toddler toys

Wooden wonders for little hands

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Role Play toys

Gorgeous, robust wooden swords and shields for the modern child

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Family Games

Good wholesome family time with board games for 2 years old and up.

Beautifully hand-crafted wooden toys

We are very proud to announce our Fox teether and Fox toy has been awarded 2 prestigious awards.  One from "Made for Mums 2019" award and the other from "BizzieBaby".  While the company has been shortlisted for the Business award by Access Self Storage. 








Find a myriad toys by Green Owl Toys. They are wooden wonders for little hands. Come enter our toy kingdom in natural wood.


Green Owl Toys stand out from the rest. Our quality toys in natural wood feel wonderful and they look beautiful - they’re irresistible. In our toy store, children love the feel and look of our hand crafted toys, and are hooked by their simplicity. Our myriad toys’ design encourages children to play creatively and imaginatively, so they fast become favourites in the realm of wooden wonders and educational toys for toddlers.  

Parents love to watch their children learn while they play. They appreciate our natural wood, toys’ stylish design and their durability.


We have been open since 2009 and love every minute of it. We go to international fairs to source beautifully crafted wooden wonders made in Europe. We look out for quality and a good design. Our aim is to bring something new to our customers and for your children to play with beautiful toys which all should:

~  have a fun factor,

~ help with development (educational),

~ made from natural products  (eco-friendly)

~ safe to play with.


We create and develop our own line of beautifully hand-crafted, wooden toys. Their unique and intricate designs are outstanding. We are currently nicknaming our toddler toys the "Hootlet" range.


We hope you and your children enjoy these toys as much as we love them. Enjoy childhood together.


We are also a member of Toy Shop UK and our local Chislehurst Business Group.

We present a range of wooden wonders and are a part of the myriad toys mainly made by Green Owl Toys to join our toy kingdom.


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We have been hooting and tooting since © 2009 Green Owl Toys Ltd


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